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Changes in Betting Limits at Colorado Casinos

17 Aug 2008
Colorado casinos are expected to raise the minimum betting limits this November. These changes mean that the players will get more chances to increase their winning odds as the amount of the lowe...

Ronald Chapa's Case Closed

03 Aug 2008
We have already told the story about Roland "Rico" Chapa accused of cheating at the St. Timothy Church fest on June 9th, 2008 in the article named "Bookmaker and Gangster Arrested for C...

Blackjack on TV

20 Jul 2008
Blackjack have already conquered both the ground based and online gambling world and moved to the new level. Now all the blackjack fans may benefit from blackjack strategy on TV. The TV version o...

Bookmaker and Gangster Arrested for Cheating at Church Fest

16 Jun 2008
Roland "Rico" Chapa was found guilty for cheating at the St. Timothy Church festival on June 9th, 2008. According to pit boss Rob Gardner, the dealer at the blackjack table noticed that...

New Mobile Gaming Device

27 May 2008
Recently one of the Las Vegas casinos introduced a new mobile gambling device which allows to play your favorite games outside the casino. This electronic device resembles much a PDA and includes...

MIT Blackjack Team: Who They Are

26 May 2008
This March a new movie "21" appeared on the American screens telling an amazing story about a team of professional gamblers that managed to invent their own blackjack tactic and apply it successf...

Online Casinos on High Alert for Identity Theft

24 May 2008
The providers of online bingo and poker games are on alert for the identity theft after the Fouad Mourtada affair. The 26-year old engineer was sentenced by Casablanca court to three years in pri...

70-Year Old Man Was Attacked and Robbed for $10,000 after Winning at Blackjack

25 Jan 2008
A 70-year old gambler after a successful play at the Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City was heading to his car when he was robbed. The man who won $10,000 in blackjack was attacked immediate...
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