Two Dealers Face Prison Sentence For Cheating

09 Sep 2008

The arrest of casino dealers for cheating is not a common thing, however, it happens sometimes as not only the players but also the dealers are greedy for money. On the weekend of August 23-24 two casino dealers, 61-yeal old John Gosnell and 78-year old Dale Solem, were arrested for cheating at the casino they work and taken to the Washoe County Jail.

As some of the casino owners say, the dealers are even more often accused of cheating than the players, especially during the period of economic crisis.

Dale Solem is suspected for adding chips to his rack at poker game, and John Gosnell was cheating at blackjack placing a losing toke bet on the winning hand and thus earning extra $9 for each hand.

In case the defendants are found guilty they will be sentenced for 1-8 years at prison.

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