Seven and 1/2 Blackjack

Seven and 1/2 game is not a blackjack game, but is very like it in some aspects. The game is played with decks of 40 cards with no eights, nines and tens. Ace is always counted as 1, face cards are always ½. The aim of any player is to get closer to 7 ½ without busting. Each player and the dealer are dealt one card. All game options are like in ordinary blackjack. Dealer must draw on 4 ½ and stand on 5. Pushes are won by dealer.

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Bonus - $777
Match - 100%
Score 9.7
US accepted
Perfect Pairs
Bonus - n/a
Match - n/a
Score 9.4
US accepted
Bonus - $1000
Match - n/a
Score 9.5
US accepted
Multihand Blackjack

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