7 Things to Do at Computer on Christmas

Just in case of upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations everyone can
have fun with lots of winter stuff on the Internet.

1. Send a music gift card to your friends and relatives

The easiest way to congratulate someone with any holiday, including Christmas, is to send e-card. Traditional greeting card will surely be boring that is why everyone can make someone smile sending animated music e-card, like any about Santa and his choir of reindeers. You just click a deer to hear a holiday congratulations.

What is more, it is so easy to become a real Santa for all your friends. You just need to upload your photo, write Christmas wishes and send a card to someone you want. It will be good surprise for your friends who will be able to send an e-card back with their own Santas.

2. Write a letter to Santa

Surely not only small girls and boys believe in Santa Claus and Christmas miracles. If you do, the best way to ask for something on Christmas (of course, if you have been nice, not naughty!) is to write a letter to Santa and send it to North Pole. You only type a special message for Santa mentioning all you REALLY wish and wait for an answer.

3. Watch crazy YouTube videos about Christmas

Probably you are already fed up with those traditional Christmas songs like Jingle Bells and other common stuff that you can hear on Christmas. We have found something more funny and pleasant to watch and listen to when you at computer. These are some crazy songs about Christmas celebrations from Fred, one of the most popular guys on YouTube.

4. Travel with Santa in time machine

This is one more flash e-card or even fun game about Santa. He is dancing and singing all the time, but every time you pull the lever of imaginary time machine Santa travels to different periods and countries to congratulate everyone with Christmas. For example, you can see him in prehistoric period, ancient Egypt and Rome, in different countries and planets. The card is very bright and original one.

5. Play Christmas flash games

Without doubt, there are many people who are fond of gambling, even on Christmas and New Year. It is very cool that there is always something new for slots fans on the Internet. Christmas flash slot game that is fully dedicated to winter holidays can be played for fun money. All the things associated with Christmas are on the reels: Christmas bells, presents, candles, angels, Christmas stockings, decorations, dishes, snowmen, candy canes, and Santa's hats. No matter that this is just fun money you can win.

If not gambling, any other Christmas flash game can be played online. For example, Drop a Xmas gift is not bad one. In this game the player has to help Santa spread the joy over the world and deliver all the presents. It is important to escape any obstacles on the way and drop all the gifts into the chimneys! The game can be sent as a gift card.

6. Set Christmas wallpapers on your desktop

It is not bad idea to refresh computer desktop with Christmas themed wallpapers. Here is a collection of interesting wallpapers that will be great decorations for your PC on winter holidays. Just choose the one you like best, download and set it.

7. Buy Christmas presents online

From year to year it is difficult to find Christmas presents as everyone already has all he needs. If you don't have enough time to go shopping and search for gifts just order something extraordinary online. We are convinced that some geek stuff will be a good present for everyone, especially computer users. Here is USB snowman robot and it is really fascinating if there is whole army of snowbots.

Originally published at SlotsDoc.com

22 Dec 2009 by BlackjackDoc.com
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