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Taking into consideration the variety of cultures in the USA the country have become the Melting Pot for those. Well, that's quite understandable since great number of people from the whole world comes to US for different reasons and tries to adapt the American life-style, language and culture simultaneously not forgetting their native language and traditions. English has gained a status of international language long time ago and many citizens treat it as their native. However, today we also can see the whole communities of foreigners that communicate on their mother tongue. The bright example is represented by Spanish speaking citizens.

The government of the country, of cause, responds to the situation as well as lots of businesses which offer the Spanish language as an option of their customer service or welcomes the employees with knowledge of the language. Thus, one of popular Las Vegas casino and resort have announced the adding of bilingual table games to casino's floor in order to make the visiting of gaming establishment easier for Latino/Hispanic community.

The Buffalo Bill's has refreshed its casino floor via adding new blackjack tables. Spanish speaking players now can find blackjack games featured card dealers that speak Spanish fluently in addition to their native English language.

Maria Macedo, the local floor manager commented that those new featured tables have gained incredible popularity. Maria has been in gambling business for the 26 years already and she admitted she hasn't seen Spanish people playing blackjack games so enthusiastically.

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