Black Jack Game

Blackjack game sometimes might be confused with another card game Black Jack which is in fact a variation of the British shedding card game Crazy Eights.

Black Jack Rules

In this game each player at the table is dealt 7 face down cards and one face up card is placed on the board. The rest of the deck is left in the pile on the table. The object of every player is to place all his face down cards onto the stack which starts with the dealt face up card on the board. The card can be drawn onto the stack in case it matches the rank or suit of the exposed card. Moreover, if the player holds two or more cards of the same rank he can place all these cards onto the stack at once. If the player doesn’t have the card to take the turn he has to pick up a card from the remaining deck and skip the turn.

When the player holds one card in the hand he must say “Last card” after he played his turn. If the player is sure that he can win in one turn he may say “Cards”, but in case the player is wrong and he cannot finish the game there is a penalty.

The player who is first to get rid of all his cards wins the game. In case the player doesn’t say "Last card" when he ends the play there is penalty (the player picks up two cards from the deck and proceeds the game).

Magic Cards

Different cards in Black Jack game have different effect on the game play or the next player’s action.

  • Aces – if the player puts down an Ace or several Aces he must call a new suit that will be followed by the players.
  • Two – if the player puts down a Two the next player must pick up two cards from the remaining deck unless he places another two cards of this rank.
  • Eight – if the player puts down an Eight the next player must skip the turn.
  • Black Jack – in case the player puts down the Black Jack the next player must pick up seven cards from the deck unless he places another two red or black Jacks.
  • Red Jack – by placing the Red Jack the player can cancel his pick up.
  • Queen – in case the Queen is placed the player can put down any card on top regardless of suit.
  • King - reverses the order of the play.
  • Joker - a wild card (it can be used for any card you want).
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