Blackjack Superstitions

At all the times the gamblers have tried to find out the universal methods that will help to beat the casino and reveal the secret of all gambling games in order to win constantly with no losses. Although a great number of various techniques and systems have been invented luck is the most important in every game.

Many gamblers believe in the so-called blackjack superstitions and play according to them. It might sound very ridiculous but in fact most of the players are convinced that they really help. To tell the truth, almost all these superstitions are myths that can’t influence the outcome of the game in any way.

The first superstition deals with the "Bad Player". It states that the gamblers’ play affects much the other gambler’s results in blackjack game. This means that when one of the gamblers at the table does not play according to the basic blackjack strategy he obviously plays “against the team”. But you must always remember that at blackjack no one can influence your results and the only person who can change the outcome of your play is you.

This superstition is called "Don't take my card". Those who believe in this myth are sure that the players that hit before them can affect their results as they "take their cards". This superstition is ridiculous one as no one can guess what cards the player will hit. Moreover, the player who hits before is not guilty that he needs more cards and you cannot make him stand.

You must understand that these blackjack superstitions are a trap for all the players and all the casinos welcome the players who believe in such things. These superstitions will surely distract you from the game and keep your nervous. To play blackjack successfully you are to avoid such mistakes and never believe in any superstitions. You are the one who determines the outcome of the game and the one who is able to influence the results of the game.

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