The Blackjack Etiquette

Like all the other classic casino games, blackjack has a lot of special traditions and rules. These rules are a must for anyone who wants to play in a land casino or wants to find out more about this game. Blackjack Etiquette is a set of rules for blackjack players.

  1. Sophisticated blackjack dealerWhen you have chosen the blackjack table and are ready to take a sit, ask the players there if they don’t mind if you join in the middle of the game. If they do, wait for the next game or go to another table.
  2. Bets must be placed carefully and neatly. The stack must be right in the center of the betting circle and the chips are to be placed one on top of the other.
  3. Do not touch your bet after you have made it and do not touch your cards.
  4. Use the correct hand signals when you play and if you do not know them say the words.
  5. Leave tips for the dealer. Most of the time dealers do not have huge salaries, therefore it would be great if you tipped them and they would be in a better mood definitely. However, when you leave tips, make sure you do not throw the chips and show respect towards the dealers.
  6. Do not bother other players at the table for nothing. You are to respect other players and in case you have something to say or ask, tell the dealer.
  7. Keep distance in case you don’t want to join the game and are just watching. Do not distract other players from the game.
  8. Avoid drinking too much alcohol at the table not to lose control and to pay attention at the game.
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