Flat Betting In Blackjack

In Blackjack, Flat betting is one of the most efficient betting strategies both for land and online casinos. The aim of this strategy is to bet the same amount for every hand and not to alter it as in other systems.

When compared to other betting systems, Flat Betting was found to be the most profitable one, as over the course of 1000 hands it gains more money than all the rest. Therefore, this system is the best one in the long run. Flat betting is one of the systems with the smallest risk.

In addition, if you are playing in a land casino and don't want the staff to recognise you are counting cards you can use flat betting and be relaxed as you play. You should alter the bets when the count favors you, but do not get too obvious.

27 Mar 2009 by BlackjackDoc.com
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