Good Sleep Contributes to Your Success in Casino

It is a scientifically substantiated fact that lack of sleep often affects not only human health but also undermines the state of mind. Thus people often make unwise and hasty decisions when they are very tired. And this is a result of attention disorders as well as short-term memory disorders.

Scientists from one American university tested MRI and blood flow changes in the brain of a common healthy man, while he was gambling.

The results showed the following. After a good sleep the man behaved carefully and assessed the possibility to lose, in other words, the risk.

However, after a sleepless night the man showed completely different results in the game. The player conceived a desire to risk all his money for a phantom win. He absolutely didn’t think about a possibility of financial losses. Scientists called such behavior "biased optimism".

During the research scientists noticed that the player’s ability to concentrate was declined. And it had its effect not only on the process of the game. Experts believe that lack of sleep causes unnecessary risks for the sake of profits.

So, the results of the research show that those gamblers who spent nights long in casinos can easily lose large sums of money and risk it all without thinking about the consequences. And it doesn’t matter whether they are playing for real or in a best online casino ever.

Therefore, don’t fool yourself and don’t threaten your future winnings. Take a rest, relax before the game and you will surely see that it works.

11 Apr 2011 by
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