Land Casino rules

It is no secret that online gaming differs from a land casino game. Online players do not appreciate the fact that the game they are playing is a lot easier than the games in a land based casino. They simply click on some buttons, choose among the most popular blackjack games, place the bet and play. However, if you are at a land casino there are things you need to consider before you play. These rules include the etiquette and certain norms that start from choosing the table and end with tipping the dealer.

Tip #1: Choosing the table

When in a real casino you should look for a table that will provide safe and calm gambling. There should not be any drunk or noisy players, bad-mood dealers or other factors that will not let you play. Stay away from drinking, as alcohol spoils your concentration.

Tip#2: Purchasing chips

The player should lay their cash on the table. The dealer will pick up the cash and deal the equal amount of chips. This is done for security reasons as dealers are not allowed to take anything from the players.

Tip #3: Dealing the cards

The players are not allowed to touch the cards either when they are dealt, or when they are on the table. If it is a hand-held game, the cards are to be placed face down and the players should only hold them with one hand always keeping the hand over the table. The cards after splitting or doubling down are to remain on the table as well.

Tip#4: HIT or STAND

Players should not only say out loud "hit" or "stand", but also make hand signals to avoid any misunderstandings and to be recorded by the eye-in-the-sky.

To signal stand the player has to wave their hand over their cards horizontally. If they want to hit they should tap the table with their finger behind the cards.

If it is a hand-held game the player has to lightly scrape the cards across the felt to show HIT. If the player goes bust he should toss the cards on the table face up. To show Stand the player tucks the cards under the bet.

In addition, players are not allowed to touch the chips that have been already bet.


To split the cards the player should put the crads face up and place an extra bet behind the new hand equal to the original bet.

To show they want to double down the player has to toss the cards face up in front of the bet and double the bet. The dealer will then deal another card face down to be shown later.

Tip #6: Tip the dealer

The last tip here is to tip the dealer. This is done to put the dealer in a good mood and maybe they will even shuffle less often.

Dealers most of the time do not earn large salaries and that is why you should tip them. However, this is not a must but an advice.

If you have any questions during the game you should not to be afraid to ask the dealer. He is sure to help you.

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