One-Deck Blackjack to Be Avoided

Now some of the casinos feature the game of blackjack with one deck and many players are attracted by this game. But in fact this blackjack version is tricky as it usually offers 6 to 5 payout for a blackjack. This means that if the player, for example, bets $20 he is paid out only $24 for a blackjack. Thus every time you are offered something new carefully check up all the rules or you are risking to be tricked.

Though the blackjack version with one deck may seem very attractive and easy but in fact it offers a bigger house advantage than the other blackjack games. The number of cards used at this game influences the game odds and increases the house edge up to 1.39%.

So, one-deck blackjack may be considered as its worst variation from the player’s point of view as the players risk losing more at this game. That is why you are recommended to avoid the blackjack games with less than 3 to 2 payout for a blackjack.

When you visit the casinos to play blackjack always read the table signs that describe the payouts and if you happen to meet the blackjack with one deck try to inform other players that it must be avoided. By doing this you reduce the chances that this game will become very popular. So, do not forget that the demand is the most important factor in the casino changes that is why try to do everything to make them understand what you like and what you do not like.

26 Jun 2009 by
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