Player Lost 204 Million US Dollars in Casino - Biggest Casino Losers

For your joy and fun we are offering to take a look at the list of players that lost the most to casinos all over the world. Keep gambling real and stick to your bankroll not to be the next on our list.

Arnold Rothstein; $320,000

A gambler, gangster and a genius Arnold Rothstein is of course known all over the world not because his huge casino losses. This fact is one of the extra info facts that would be interesting to know for his fans. After he left home at the age of 16, he discovered a passion for gambling games and started increasing the sum of money he was gambling for. He won a lot and won very often, but in 1928 he participated in a poker tournament at which he lost $320,000.

Jimmy White; $1 million

Jimmy White is one of the most well-known snooker players. Still, being a true gamer, he was prone to addictions, and alcohol almost became his second one. According to White, he lost over $1 million gambling and another $500,000 on drinks. Nevertheless he remains to be a crowd favorite and a winner of second Poker Million.

Terry Watanabe; $204 million

Being by far the person who has lost the most to the casino, Terry is indeed the most unfortunate. Having gambled away an amazing sum of $204 million, he still owes almost $15 million to Harrah casino. Most of the times, when casino has a case of a big loss, such a small sum (compared to what has already been lost) would be ignored. Still, Harrah’s casino wants to take the money Watanabe owes them. The biggest part of the money was lost at a blackjack table with $50,000 bets on a single hand. According to the casino, the player made bets practically not using any strategy. In addition to that, he gave away $20,000 tips to casino dealers. If Terry is convicted, he could face up to sixteen years in prison.

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