Stanford Wong Biography

Stanford Wong Stanford Wong is the pseudonym for John Ferguson, one of the most famous names in the gambling world. Stanford Wong is firstly famous for his researches into the blackjack game. His book "Professional Blackjack" published in 1975 is now considered to be one of the best tutorials on blackjack. Stanford Wong is also famous for his "Blackjack Analyzer" computer program which was created to analyze the odds in a blackjack game. Today Stanford Wong is the head of his own publishing house "Pi Yee Press".

Stanford Wong started his gambling career in 1976 when he was a teacher of finance at San Francisco State University. He didn't give up teaching even when his career was at its peak and he managed to receive a Ph.D. in Finance from Stanford University. During the last year as a university teacher he agreed to a $1 salary so he could avoid attending annoying faculty meetings and got the chance to continue with his gambling career.

Stanford Wong popularized the specific blackjack technique that eventually got called the "wong" or "wonging" technique. This technique, popular in the 1980's, involves not betting all the time but just watching the game and calculating the odds. When the odds are in the player's favor it is time to join the game. Otherwise, when the odds are low or start to decrease the player must step out. When this technique became very popular most of the casinos introduced a "No Mid Shoe Entry" rule at the blackjack tables preventing players from counting the odds.

Stanford Wong was elected to the Blackjack Hall of Fame as a talented player, gambling researcher, consultant and author.

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