The Truth About Monroe's Life and Death


Legendary star of a huge collection of movies loved by millions all over the world remains a secret up till now. We have collected the list of most astonishing facts from the life of Marilyn.

According to most producers, Marilyn was a bad actress to work with – she forgot the lines, was constantly late for the shootings and even was gone from the shooting for several days. It needed 20-40 shootings to make a good episode.

Marilyn was a frequent visitor of the oldest Nevada Casino – the Cal-Neva Resort and casino and even had a private cabin in the hotel. Perhaps not everybody knows that Marilyn had two attempts of committing a suicide and the first one was at her private cabin at Cal-Neva a week before she was found dead at her house.

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Joe DiMaggio was very jealous of Marilyn and after a scene for The Seven Year Itch on September 14th, 1954 where Marylin’s skirt blew up he ended their relationship.

Mother of Marilyn Monroe was a patient of a psychiatric clinic for a long time, grandmother of Marilyn died at the same hospital.

A co-star of “Some like it hot” Tony Curtis said the following about his kiss with Marilyn: “It was like kissing Hitler”.

Marilyn Monroe had several plastic surgeries – nose surgery, chin surgery and changed the triangle-way her hair grew on her face.

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