Top Scariest Las Vegas Rides to Blow Your Mind Away

Bet there is no other entertainment in Vegas that can guarantee you will be thrilled by 100% as the rides offered in this Sin City. Here we will be talking about the scariest of the roller coasters and rides available in Las Vegas for any taste and wallet.

Insanity, Stratosphere Casino

Scariest thing: the ride is 900ft above the ground.

Price: $35.95

Description: Spinning ride that takes you over the edge of the casino. Opened at March, 2005, this is one of the scariest roller coasters in the whole Vegas. The mechanical arm with the ride extends over the edge of the Stratosphere tower. Imagine yourself spinning at a ride with a speed of 3 G’s facing the ground 900ft high. The angle of the spin is 70 degrees that allows you view the historical part of Las Vegas from as high as the birds fly. This ride is not recommended for those afraid of heights, those who are not will love the ride at night as the sparkling lights of Las Vegas will make it even more beautiful.

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Manhattan Express; New York, New York Casino

Scariest thing: the ride takes you 203 feet up, drops down 144 feet and leaves coasting at 67mph.

Price: $14.00

Description: One of the longest-lasting rides in Las Vegas, Manhattan Express will be thrilling you for up to 2 minutes and 45 seconds. You will surely love the “heartline twist” of the ride and scream out loud at a speed of 67mph. In addition to riding the roller coaster, you can even get a wedding ceremony at this fantastic thrilling ride. Just imagine what a memory will it be – to get married at high speed screaming “I Do” together with your fiancé 203 feet up in the air!

SkyJump, Stratosphere Casino

Scariest thing: you are gliding in the air from the height of 108 stories down to the ground

Price: $100

Description: Any Vegas visitor that wants to feel like flying will definitely love the SkyJump ride by Stratosphere casino. Just think of the scariest thing that can happen with you on a Stratosphere tower – right, falling down from it. This attraction lets you feel the thrill and adrenaline of skydiving 108 stories right to the ground. The price of the ride totally pays off – you will have to overcome all of your fears to dare to touch the ground in the end. Who knows, maybe you will find out something new about yourself after this fantastic Vegas ride.

Speed, Sahara Casino

Scariest thing: speed of 70 mph

Price: $10

Description: Considered as the best ride in Las Vegas, Speed ride at Sahara Casino totally corresponds to its name. The first thing that you want from any roller coaster is high speed and the second one is surely the height. The ride speeds up to 10 mph in just a second and takes you through amazing curves and loops and then takes you up the 224 foot tower just to ascend you down and takes you through the whole ride all over again, just backwards at high speed.

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