Blackjack Tournaments

As blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and as more and more players have been playing it for quite a long time new versions of it are always a great success. One of the recent innovations in the blackjack world is the blackjack tournament. Let’s look closer at the rules and special features of blackjack Tournaments.

Blackjack Tournament and Classic Blackjack Differences

Difference #1: player vs dealer and player vs player

Blackjack TournamentTraditional blackjack is the game played against the dealer, while at blackjack tournaments players are competing against other players too. This way your actions and amount of bets depend on what other players do.

Difference #2: overlay

In blackjack tournaments the casino adds some money to the overall jackpot, which is the overlay in the tournament. Most usually the prize in the tournament is made of entrance fees and the money added by the casino to the prize. The overlay in the prize is the positive expectation.

Difference #3: different strategy

Blackjack tournaments can not be played with the same strategy as the traditional blackjack. Traditional blackjack does not allow busting, while at tournaments you can use busting to get to the next round and not to be beaten.

If you are losing you can try betting more to win and make it to the next round and you can relax in case you are ahead and bet minimum.

There are a lot of various books on tournaments that provide good strategies and therefore you can choose among the books we suggest or go on reading about other blackjack variations.

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