Do You Still Want To Be a High Roller?

So, you are playing blackjack, winning from time to time and seem to be having fun from the cash you have earned. Most books and movies on casinos tell and show the images of perfect players betting huge sums of money and winning a lot at once. In this article we are going to explain why the attractive image of a high roller winning lots of cash is deceptive and why we do not recommend becoming a high roller. High rollers are the riskiest and most profitable players for the casino.

According to statistics, high rollers are losing $1 million each a year, while other players barely exceed the amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars. These problem gamblers and high rollers bring one-third of the revenue to casinos.

One of the coordinators of the Alberta Gaming Research Institute, Robert Williams thinks most of the top 100 high rollers and players losing a lot are problem gamblers. He adds that the fact government and casino managers are doing nothing to stop this is scandalous. In fact, each gambler has a player card record in the casino, which means that the managers, casino owners and the government knows about the problem and about people suffering from it. But will this somehow influence them? Will they give up big part of the revenue for the sake of their players?

Let's imagine a typical problem gambler who loses thousands of dollars to a casino and comes back to play more. He is most probably married, with kids, spending most of his time betting and losing instead of being around people who love him. Or maybe he is a loner, he has no friends, no family, he goes there after work and leaves all his money at slots of blackjack tables. He has no time, no money, no will to go anywhere else to meet someone.

If you ask any casino cashier, dealer, they will tell you endless number of stories on gamblers who lost over $100,000 and came back on the next day to play more.

According to recent data, a new system is about to arrive providing all players a chance to set a time and money limit on their player cards. However, this system is still not available, therefore the only person who is responsible for how much time and money you spend is you. Therefore, please be careful.

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