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Women are Prone to Gambling Addiction

23 Feb 2011
It is not surprising that gambling is the favourite pass time for most people no matter the age, gender and income. But the main problem is that gambling causes addiction and leads to a lot of tr...

Bilingual Blackjack Games

22 Nov 2010
Taking into consideration the variety of cultures in the USA the country have become the Melting Pot for those. Well, that's quite understandable since great number of people from the whole world c...

7 Things to Do at Computer on Christmas

22 Dec 2009
Have fun with lots of winter stuff on the Internet on Christmas! 7 must do things at computer this holiday season.

How to Learn Blackjack Basic Strategy

28 Oct 2009
Familiarize with general aspects of learning a basic strategy quickly and easy.

Gambling Recovery Program - Original Twelve Steps

23 Oct 2009
Read about main points in the ways of treating a gambling addict and familiarize with twelve steps of recovery program.

Symptoms of Pathological Gambling

16 Oct 2009
The worst thing about gaming is the probability of becoming addicted, here you should get to know how to find the first signs of addiction.

Truth About High Rollers

09 Oct 2009
So, you are playing blackjack, winning from time to time and seem to be having fun from the cash you have earned. Most books and movies on casinos tell and show the images of perfect players bettin...

Blackjack Forum

02 Oct 2009
Blackjack Forum is a trustworthy magazine and now online site about gaming at all and blackjack in particular.

Wondering Is Card-Counting legal? Read All About Its Legality

17 Sep 2009
Want to know whether Card-Counting is legal? Here you will find the correct answer and explanation!

Unusual Blackjack Games

10 Sep 2009
Most of the casinos both in Vegas and online now provide lots of different variants of the game. There are so many variations of the game now that no one can say for sure how many versions there...

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