Blackjack Soft Hands Strategy

Below you can read the detailed rules for soft hands (with an Ace, counted as 11). Please note that the hands shown on the pictures below stand for the examples of hands you can get. This means that "Soft 18" stands for any hand totaling "18", with an Ace counting as "11".

Rules for Soft Hands

Soft 13 or 14

clubs-3 spades-5
vs dealer
clubs-4 or hearts-2
Double o/wise Hit

Double against the dealer's 5 or 6, otherwise hit. This hand is one of the worst you can be dealt, but the fact that this is a soft hand leaves you a chance to hit. Cards like 5-7, and 8 for a 13 hand will improve your situation.

Soft 15-16

clubs-3 spades-5
vs dealer
clubs-4 to diamonds-5
Double o/wise Hit

On a hand of soft 15 and 16 double against the dealer's 4-6. You should never stand on this hand as you cannot go bust by hitting. By doubling you are betting more and thus can win much more.

Soft 17

clubs-8 clubs-2
vs dealer
diamonds-2 to hearts-9
Double o/wise Hit

Double on soft 17 against the dealer's 3-6, otherwise hit. In case the dealer's up card is 3-6 he has a good chance to go bust, therefore we advise you to double the bet and thus win more.

Soft 18

vs dealer
diamonds-2 to hearts-10

Double on soft 18 if the dealer shows 3-6. You may be surprised with this advice, but according to statistics, this hand wins if you stand 58% of the time, while if doubled its 55%. However, you can win much more money when doubling as you double the original bet.

hearts-6 diamonds-5
vs dealer
diamonds-2 to hearts-10

Stand on soft 18 against the dealer's 2-8. This is the best moment not to risk anything as you can assume the dealer has 10 in the hole, his hand will be strong. Therefore, do not take the risk.

vs dealer diamonds-5
diamonds-2 or hearts-10

Hit a soft 18 only if dealer has 9, 10 or an Ace. In this situation you'd better try to improve your hand against potential dealer hand of 19-20.

Soft 19-21

clubs-5 diamonds-7
Always Stand

Always Stand on any soft hand of 19-21. Do not risk this hand no matter what , as you are unlikely to get a hand stronger than this if you hit or double.

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