Download Free Blackjack Advisor for Firefox

Blackjack Doc Toolbar is a free extension created for Firefox to help you enjoy and use the special features of blackjack Advisor anytime you play.


How To Install Blackjack Advisor Toolbar

Step 1. Download and Install the Toolbar

Click on the Download button you can see above to install the toolbar. You will be redirected to the firefox page dedicated to our addon. You will notice that in order to install the addon you will have to place a tick in the field by the phrase "Let me install this experimental add-on." Do not worry as our tool is simply a new one for the firefox and it has to be in use for some time before it will be recommended. Add the toolbar to firefox by clicking on the button "Add to firefox" and following the on-screen instructions.

Step 2. Restart the Firefox

Restart firefox (do not forget to save the links before closing all tabs). You will be automatically directed to this page with information about the toolbar and how to use it.
You can switch off the toolbar by right-clicking on the menu in firefox and unticking the box next to Blackjack Advisor. Use our quick access button to switch the toolbar on and off. You will find it in the customize menu. Drag the button to place it wherever on the menu without closing the customize menu window.

How To Use Blackjack Advisor Toolbar

Step 1. Select Game Options

As you probably know from our blackjack advisor, the strategies may vary according to different game rules. In the Game Options window you will see the default game rules used for most blackjack games. In case you wish to set specific game rules, choose Options and place a tick in the boxes necessary.

Step 2. Choose Dealer's Up card

Blackjack strategy depends on several parameters, one of which being dealer up card. Choose the card the dealer has been dealt from the list on the right.

Step 3. Select Your Cards

Choose the cards you were dealt as this is the second important thing considered in the game. You can choose as many cards as you wish by clicking the Add button for each card.

Step 4. Use the Result

The result will show the Hand Value and the advice recommended by the advisor.

Step 5. Clear to use again

To input other cards and start again, use the Clear button.

In addition, you can use the quick access button to make blackjack advisor add-on hide and reappear in one click.


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