Blackjack KO Count Basics

Unlike the balanced counting systems, which end up with a 0 if you go to the end of the deck of cards, the unbalanced card counting systems does not. The most popular unbalanced system is the Blackjack KO count. The KO stands for the Knockout card count.

The main thing about this system is that some cards receive other values. 7's according to this strategy receive the value of 1 and therefore the count changes.

Knock-Out Count Card Values

Small cards (2345, 6 and 7) are counted as +1
8 and 9 are counted as 0.
All the tens (10J, Q, K) and an A are counted as −1.

Blackjack counter in actionTherefore, with the help of the KO Count system if you count the entire deck you will have a positive count, +4. This is done to so you can ignore the true count.

The authors of the KO count strategy believe that for most blackjack players it is difficult and inconvenient to switch from the running to the true count all the time, especially if the casino is crowded and noisy and players cannot concentrate.

The KO count was created as an alternative for those who do not like the Hi-Lo count. Although it is less accurate than the Hi-Lo system, the difference is not too big, and those players that have only started counting cards or find the Hi-Lo difficult, you can use it to feel more comfortable.

The blackjack KO count system is great for those who cannot master the True and Running counts and are not ready to use something more complicated. Nevertheless, before trying any of the counting strategies make sure you know how to play blackjack and choose the strategy according to your skills and preferences.

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