Blackjack Tools for Basic and Advanced Players

Blackjack is one of the most popular online and land casino games. The main reason for this is high popularity of card counting and other methods for winning huge sums of money. Our Blackjack Doc mathematicians have created special blackjack tools to help you see the blackjack probabilities you have with particular hands and to get advice on how to play any hand.

Blackjack Tools

Blackjack Trainer

Blackjack Trainer is a special tool for learning basic blackjack strategy. Make decisions according to basic blackjack strategy and earn points in Normal mode and make sure you fit into the time limit in the Expert mode.

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Blackjack Game Advisor

The Blackjack advisor is a blackjack tool that helps you choose when to hit or stand and see the odds of each gaming option. You can use it while you play by inputting the cards dealt to you and the card the dealer has.

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Strategy Chart Generator

Strategy calculator is a generator of strategy charts for any game rules you input. The charts give detailed information on actions favorable for the dealer or player. This is a basic strategy for each and every game of blackjack you will see.

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House Edge Calculator

The House edge calculator is a tool for finding out the odds of the outcome of the dealer hand and the probability of the house busting depending on the game rules. See how likely it is that the dealer goes bust on this or that hand with particular game rules.

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Blackjack Doc Browser Tools

Blackjack Advisor Toolbar for Firefox

Use your favorite Blackjack Advisor from your firefox browser! Choose the cards, rules of the game and get advice on any hand from the special Blackjack Doc toolbar.


Blackjack Advisor Gadget for iGoogle

Like using iGoogle? Get the Blackjack Doc advisor gadget and you will be learning blackjack anywhere you are and no matter what you do.

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