One of the first and most up-to-date sites on the game of Blackjack that will be useful for both online and land casino players. is a site on, about and for blackjack, hosted and edited by Ken Smith, blackjack player and author of a tournament strategy manual How to win more blackjack tournaments, regular and frequent participant of UBT's. The site contains lots of information for those who want to learn more about winning at online blackjack and at blackjack tournaments, and for those who would like to become professional card-counters and you can learn about blackjack from people who have made a career out of blackjack.

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  • Blackjack Basic Strategy Trainer - this allows you to check your actions in the game according to the strategy
  • Blackjack Info Store - online shop with best books on blackjack, gambling software, DVD's and strategy cards
  • Blackjack School - 24 lessons on how to play and win at blackjack step-by-step guide to learn more about Blackjack.
  • List of Best Blackjack Download Resources - everything from basic strategy to card counting.
  • Blackjack forum and blog
  • Interviews with leading Blackjack Experts
  • Essential info and strategies on blackjack tournaments
  • Blackjack Newsletter that covers the most essential news and topics