California Blackjack

California blackjack game is played with 6 decks of 53 cards, with joker in each deck. Naturals are 2 jokers, Two Aces, An Ace and a joker. The payouts for Naturals are 2 to 1. Any 10-point card and an Ace make a hand of 21 with no special payout. Joker acts as a wild card, therefore if added to any hand makes its value 21. Dealer never peeks the hole card. Additional bets push if the dealer has a joker face down. If the player and dealer bust with the same total it is a push. If the player and dealer bust, but player total is higher – player loses. There is a bank, and the person who is a banker (chosen by rotation around the table) pays $3 fee. Special Rules for Banking required.

Online Blackjack Games

Bonus - $777
Match - 100%
Score 9.7
Perfect Pairs
Bonus - n/a
Match - n/a
Score 9.4
Bonus - $1000
Match - n/a
Score 9.5
Multihand Blackjack
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