Holdem Blackjack

Here the two most popular gambling card games, Blackjack and Texas Hold'em poker, are combined in one game called Hold'em Blackjack. In fact this is a variation of blackjack which resembles poker at points in the game. Let's learn the rules of the game in detail.

The game consists of several rounds and involves placing forced bets that are common in poker games.

The first round

The first round. The game starts by placing ante bets by each of the players at the table. Then the player next to the dealer places a small blind which is usually double the ante amount. The second player after the dealer's position places the big blind which is double the small blind. When all the bets are made the players are dealt one face down card each. The betting follows like in a poker game.

The second round

The second round. The players who are still in the game are each dealt face up cards and the betting follows. The amount of the minimum bet in the second round is usually double the big blind. In the course of the round the player can choose to fold their cards and leave the game or stay by adding chips into the pot.

The third round

The third round. Now all the players can complete their hands by hitting. The cards are dealt face down. The final round of betting follows. The betting amount is raised again up to 2-10 times the big blind. Note that the players who bust are still in the game.

The showdown

The showdown. As in Texas Hold'em the players reveal their cards and the player with the highest hand that hasn't gone bust wins the pot. The highest winning hand is called a 7 card Charlie. When the hands tie the pot is split. If all the hands are bust the player with the closest to 21 wins the pot.

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