70-Year Old Man Was Attacked and Robbed for $10,000 after Winning at Blackjack

25 Jan 2008

A 70-year old gambler after a successful play at the Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City was heading to his car when he was robbed. The man who won $10,000 in blackjack was attacked immediately after he cashed the chips and was going to leave the casino.

The robbery took place at the parking garage of the Trump Taj Mahal casino after 8 a.m. The robber hit the gambler over the head, knocked him down and ran away with all the money. The victim was instantly taken to the hospital.

After investigation it was stated that the victim noticed the criminal watching him play at the casino hall and following the winner when he decided to cash out and leave.

The robber tried to escape in a taxi, but the driver who was supposed to bring him to Baltimore changed the direction to the police station. The driver had a conversation with the police which could be heard by the thief and that was the reason why he left the taxi in Gloucester Township. No traces of the robber were found in the area.

The police of Atlantic City has distributed the approximate info on the thief over all police stations and transport services. The suspect is black, 30-year old man with brown hair and eyes, about 5 foot 10 inches, 200 pounds. If you possess any information about the robber please contact the police at 609-347-5766.

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