Gambling Bill Rejected At Bermuda

16 July 2009
Bermuda Lawmakers Rejected Gambling Bill

Bermuda lawmakers have rejected a gambling bill that would allow gambling games on cruise ships or any other vessel making port calls at night in the British Atlantic territory.

Earlier, in 2001, the lawmakers of Bermuda banned slot machines and gambling on cruise ships was allowed only from 10 p.m. This was due to the fact the slot machines were driving a part of islanders into debt. Table games like blackjack are also forbidden there, however you can still get involved into sports betting and some other gambling activities.

From now on, cruise lines are not allowed to open retail stores and casinos while in the port. As most ships dock for several days mostly, this is a huge loss of income for them.

This gambling bill also included a quid-pro-quo according to which cruise lines had to make an investment into the development of on-island entertainment in the exchange of opening their on-board facilities.

This bill was thought to lead to more relaxed laws on island gambling.

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