Blackjack Card Counting Apps

4 Jan 2011
Blackjack Card Counting Apps

It is not a big secret that everybody tries to derive benefit from something. Thus, taking into consideration blackjack game and the chances of winning it gives, it is obvious that players search for different ways to get an advantage while playing. Actually they have such due to the numerous online applications which provide them with a proper blackjack card counting.

Meanwhile lots of Vegas casinos are definitely not satisfied with a situation mentioned above and consequently take measures to spot such kind of apps used by card counters.

The casinos are focused primary on the card counting apps developed by Apple for iPhone. They basically try to identify cheaters that use application while gambling. Several casinos have recently detained blackjack gamers that used most popular iPhone application in order to count cards for their benefit.

It provokes the precise control at Vegas casinos which implied particular actions of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The last has been extremely concerned about this and has sent round the warnings to the most respective Nevada casinos. Now all of them are on guard of the blackjack cheaters. Concerning specific app's details those haven't been disclosed for the purposes of security.

The most important thing the players are often confused is the fact that gambling laws should be understood properly. This means that while the counting of cards at blackjack is not considered to be illegal the usage of various devices is prohibited by gambling law and can entail serious consequences.

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