Blackjack Tables With the Hottest Dancers Ever

02 Sep 2010
Blackjack Tables With the Hottest Dancers Ever

The biggest disappointment and the reason for resentment for any blackjack fan is the shrink of the blackjack payouts. Nevertheless, many casinos dare to reduce the sum expected for hitting 21. This is done because now the blackjack players have a chance to enjoy one more blackjack service - sexy women dancing on the party pit, and the casino has to pay these pretty dancers.

The idea of new blackjack pit is on a great demand among the new generation of gamblers. The casinos really need money not only to pay the dancers but also to rearrange the blackjack areas for installing stages. As a result, the regular 3 to 2 payout on blackjack is reduced to 6 to 5. This means that there is a 20% drop of the player's income when he gets a lucky hand. So, it is a question of choice - whether to do the math and search for another blackjack table with "fair" odds or just to pay no heed to 6 to 5 rule and watch a great show. It is obvious that some players will not even notice the "6 to 5" mark on the table as there is no time to watch the game when a pretty dancer claims your attention.

The managers and strategists explain that the reduction of blackjack payment rules is a good alternative to other ways of decreasing the casino expenses. Also, the younger gamblers are given what they are ready to spend money on. The players eagerly flock to the party pits rather than video games like in the past.

The results of innovation are really very promising. Blackjack pits in some large casinos are of great success and have already brought good money. The income of blackjack has grown by 12% and even more.

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