Bookmaker and Gangster Arrested for Cheating at Church Fest

16 Jun 2008

Roland "Rico" Chapa was found guilty for cheating at the St. Timothy Church festival on June 9th, 2008. According to pit boss Rob Gardner, the dealer at the blackjack table noticed that Chapa had the same blackjack of Ace of spades and King of diamond several times in a row. The dealer understood that there was something wrong and called for supervisor. All the witnesses admitted that when the man was asked to empty his pockets a two of spades dropped out of his slacks. 

However, Chapa stated that he had drunk too much that night with his friends and that was the reason of such incident. He also admitted the fact that he did not gain any profit at the game as he was left with twice less amount than he started playing.

Unfortunately, the other players at the table could not say how many times Chapa did win as the hands changed very quickly during the play.

After 30 minutes of the court process Chapa was accused of cheating and using criminal tools with the aim to steal money from the church. According to Chapa and his daughter Katrina, the authorities have been trying to arrest him for already 30 years and this time they simply found a good reason to do it. Now Chapa faces 2-year prison sentence.

According to Lewis T.Dye, Chapa's defense attorney, the defendant was too drunk that night to cheat. Moreover, he admitted that the authorities had deliberately waited over 6 months since the last Chapa's arrest to start the case. In 2007 Chapa was accused of being an organizer of illegal bookmaking operations at his work place and local sport bars.

The testimony used in Chapa's case states that the defendant has been a bookmaker and gangster for over 30 years.

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