How Canadian Eugene Golf Resort and Casino Attracts Players

17 Jan 2011
How Canadian Eugene Golf Resort and Casino Attracts Players

There is a great news for the lovers of blackjack games. The St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino in Calgary invented a new method to entice new gamblers in the winter period. St. Eugene hired Frozen Memories` (ice sculpture company) craftsmen with a view to do carving of a miniature ice casino and a miniature ice bar.

They have created both ice blackjack table and ice bar. The creation of these things from ice blocks took around thirty-two hours. These ice masterpieces are located between the casino and the hotel. This sophisticated creation is a remarkable point in the market of gambling industry, it even kicked off New Year's Eve festival.

Visitors immediately reacted on this creation and started to try their luck at ice blackjack table and indulge themselves with the beverages offered in the bar. The owners believe that this ice casino will not melt till the March. In fact, the creators ensure it will definitely not.

Meanwhile, Wendy Van Puymbroeck, sales and marketing director, invites all gamblers to the outdoor casino that is expected to entertain visitors until March. He says that those who are bored of playing blackjack indoor will have an opportunity to play in the open air on the territory of the St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino.

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