Vegas Will Return Vintage Neon Signs

10 Sep 2009
Las Vegas Gets Back Its Vintage Neon Signs

Las Vegas Boulevard will get its classic look back as soon as some of the most popular vintage neon signs will be brought back to life.

The signs, some of them being from casinos of 1950's, will be taken from the Neon Museum, and approximately 17 of them will be restored according to the Scenic Byways Plan.

The signs include the horseshoe that was on the top of Binion's Horseshoe casino and the slipper from the Silver Slipper. This, according to Danielle Kelly, the operational manager of the Neon museum, will bring back all the memories of the first steps of our gambling mecca.

There are now lots of people working to make the vintage neon signs look like new. A sign from the Bow and Arrow Motel has recently been restored on money from private donations, and after this lots of signs including those from Algiers Hotel, the City Center Motel and the Black Jack Motel are getting ready to get back to "work".

This project has been given $240,000 received from the sale of Vegas Centennial license plates for refurbishing the signs. Approximately $900,000 from the city were given for Cultural Corridor median improvements.

This improvement will definitely attract lots of visitors from all over the world eager to see how Vegas has changed.

Associated Press

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