New Blackjack Version Introduced

20 Oct 2008

To meet the tastes and demands of those blackjack fans who want to try something new many casinos start offering more and more possibilities. At one of the US land casinos a new version of blackjack was introduced in which the players are able to keep their winning hand for several rounds.

This new option sounds very attractive in theory but in practice the chances to win constantly are not very high. It is possible to increase the winnings in such game if the player has 20 or 19 as the winning odds in such case are 2 to 3.

All the players who want to try this or any other blackjack version must remember that new attractive bonuses and game options are designed to increase the casino advantage rather than the player's one. In most cases new options mean lower winning odds and lower payouts.

One more trap for players in the new blackjack game is that in case the gambler decides to replay the hand the dealer keeps his face up card which also influences the outcome of the game. So, every time you face new options in blackjack check everything before you play in order not to be trapped.

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