New Statjack Game

30 Nov 2008

A new variation of online blackjack known as the Statjack was initially launched as an experiment but it has already attracted many players and Statjack claims to become one of the favorite card games. The main feature of this game is that at Statjack the players do not need to count the cards or track the other gamblers' play as all the information is provided to all the players with no exception. This is exactly the major advantage of the game that can make Statjack one of the most recognizable blackjack variations.

At Statjack the players are free to use different game strategies and tactics, including online card-counting. This game is a good alternative for beginners as in fact the game counts the cards instead of you and gives advice on how to bet in different gaming situations.

A new option is available for players at Statjack. Now the players can make a bet on the dealer's hand. Thus, the possibility to consult the basic blackjack strategy when playing and the option to bet on the dealer's hand are the key elements of the game popularity.

What is more, during the play the gamblers can evaluate their winning chances and choose among the most popular betting decisions in particular situations. The player also gets the information about the number of cards of each rank that are left in the deck. The data is always displayed on the screen during the play.

As a result of very attractive options offered at Statjack the game in fact provides small payouts and in most cases the casino wins.

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