Online Casinos on High Alert for Identity Theft

24 May 2008

The providers of online bingo and poker games are on alert for the identity theft after the Fouad Mourtada affair. The 26-year old engineer was sentenced by Casablanca court to three years in prison for creating a fake profile on Facebook. The felon used the name of Prince Moulay Rachid of Morocco to register the profile. After this incident most online casinos were carefully checked and many profiles under the names of famous people, for example Anthony Hopkins, Diego Maradonna and Prince William, were found. It is not surprisingly that all the profiles turned out to be fake. Still some of the casinos claim that there are no players using fake names among their visitors or they do not consider it to be a great problem if the players uses a sophisticated nickname to play for fun. In addition, the players with the so-called "golden names" used to sell their names on Casino forums.

However, most of blackjack casinos still worries about stealing and using personal information at their websites.

After the jury brought Fouad Mourtada a verdict of guilty Human Rights groups have released petitions appealing to release the prisoner. As a result Fouad Mourtada got out of jail after 43 days of the imprisonment. In fact, this was the first case taken by Moroccan authorities so seriously while at most European casinos and other online gambling portals the use of fake names is quite common.

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