Atlantic City Revives Retro Blackjack

16 Feb 2010
Retro Blackjack in Atlantic City

This weekend the Atlantic City players were provided with a chance to play retro blackjack games wagering from $2. The game required a 25-cent fee per hand for bets from 2 dollars up to $5 bets. The fee is taken by the dealer prior to the card deal.

A chance to play blackjack for such a small pay and with small risk is a great opportunity for those who are intimidated by the game risk and play blackjack for the first time. You can play the game for at least $2.25 and watch other more experienced players in the action.

This is not the first case for the Atlantic City casinos to bring back the good old stuff. Not so long ago the casinos opened a retro dance club and revived coin operated slot machines. This innovation will surely attract lots of players of different skill level and lots of those who want to have fun playing blackjack.

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