Robin Hood in Blackjack

14 Oct 2008

Robin Hood 702, as he calls himself, is a real hero of our days. This is a real person, a high-stakes blackjack player, who has been often noticed winning and losing much at Las Vegas casinos. However, he is not simply a gambling addict or a person who earns his living from gambling but his aim is to win good money in order to help other families. "My goal", Robin Hood says, "is to save someone's house, pay their debts and win back their American dream."

Robin Hood considers only his good deeds worth attention rather than his person that is why he prefers to stay anonymous. When he started playing for money he was going to win good money and pay debts of some American families in need. To choose the family that really deserves help Robin Hood created a special website inviting people to leave their life stories there. Thus he managed to choose two families and took them to Las Vegas where they could watch him winning money for them.

For those families who send Robin Hood their stories it was the only possible way to get rid of their debts and unhappy lives. The members of the families were taken to the airport in the limo and flew to Las Vegas in the first class. One of the chosen families needed $20,000 and another $34,000 to pay bills. Fortunately, Robin Hood had advantage in the game and managed to win $55,000. When one of the players at the table where Robin Hood was playing heard the story he added $4,000 more to the winnings.

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