Another Group Arrested For Cheating In San Diego

28 Sep 2009
Thirty One Pleaded Guilty In Cheating At Casinos

Thirty one players were arrested and pleaded guilty in cheating and aiming to have a conspiracy to cheat at 26 American and Indian tribe casinos.

The group of cheaters, called the "Tran Organization" has been forming the conspiracy from March 2002 to July 2006.

According to the indictments, these players used a cheating scheme known as the "false shuffle" at blackjack and mini-baccarat tables. They bribed dealers and casino supervisors to perform false shuffles and thus create slugs of un-shuffled cards. If convicted, they face 5 years prison sentence.

The list of casinos they aimed targeting at includes 26 United States and Canada casinos.

The case is being investigated right now and all the charges and indictments are not the evidence of guilt.

In case you think you might know any information about this or other casino conspirations you may contact FBI's San Diego Field Office.

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