One of the biggest and oldest online sites on card games, has lots to offer its visitors from all over the world. The site is a bit like an online catalog of cards, games by type, origin, number and age of players, types of cards etc. The site is regularly updated which keeps you informed about the latest news in the world of card games and lets you choose the game right for you.

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  • The biggest game catalog by type of the games (card games, commercial games, invented games and solitaire games)
  • Game catalog sorted alphabetically which includes over 300 various games with rules and special features
  • Games catalog by types of cards played in different countries (tarot, money cards, chess cards, French cards, Italian cards, domino cards, flower cards etc)
  • Visitors can add information about card games that are missing from the catalog by sending an e-mail to the editors
  • Lots of useful links on game history, card history, online card games, card tricks, card games software)