Vegas Strip Blackjack Game

Vegas strip blackjack is the second most popular version after the traditional blackjack. The name of the game derives from the name of the Las Vegas Boulevard (Las Vegas Strip) that goes from Sahara Avenue and Russel Road (4.1 miles or near 6.6 km). This term is also used to name the casinos and resorts at that Boulevard.

Vegas Strip blackjack is different from the traditional version therefore you are to find out more about it to feel more confident when you are playing.

Vegas Strip rules

Dealer always checks for blackjack prior to the player and is to stand on all 17s.

Splitting Rules

  • Las Vegas Boulevard (Vegas Strip) at night.If the player splits Aces A A A A and the next card he gets is a 10, this hand is not a Blackjack, but a total of 21.
  • Player is not allowed to re-split Aces
  • When you Split Aces you get only one card per hand
  • Players may re-split up to three times to make 4 hands
  • All 10 valued cards can be split

Double Down Rules

  • Doubling is allowed on any first two cards
  • Doubling is allowed for full amount only (equals the initial bet)
  • Doubling is NOT allowed after Splitting
  • Doubling is allowed only after Splitting Aces

When you choose to play Strip blackjack check the rules at the casino you have chosen to avoid any misunderstandings.